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Tiahuanaco Culture

Tiahuanaco Culture

Tiahuanaco Culture

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The Tiahuanaco culture is recognized by Andean scholars as one of the precursors of the Inca Empire, lasted almost 3,000 years and is native to the territory now occupied by Bolivia, Peru and Chile. It had capital and spiritual center in Tiwanaku, established in an area near the south of Lake Titicaca. It is a civilization that is characterized by a culture and archeology with a highly standardized iconography that extended through ceramics and textiles. Its main development occurred in the Bolivian highlands.


Tiahuanaco Culture Characteristics


Geographic Location: The Tiahuanaco culture originates on the shores of Lake Titicaca,
Chronology: It is the longest-lived southern Andean culture that occurred between the years of 1580a.c – 1187 a.c.
Political Organization: The Tiwanaku culture was of theocratic type (it did not use military force for its territorial conquests).

Religion: They have Wiracocha as a celestial god and their earthly representation would be the Tunupa.


Tiahuanaco Culture Architecture


The Tiwanaku Culture is characterized by its decorated architecture within these constructions we have the following:

  • Kalasasaya.
  • Underground temple.
  • Akapana pyramid.
  • Sun Gate.
  • Puma Punku.
  • Tiahuanaco Culture Summary.
  • Origins of Tiahuanaco.


The beginning of Tiahuanaco dates from 1,580 BC. and its end occurs around 1,187 AD according to archaeologist Carlos Ponce Sanguinés, the epicenter of culture developed in the Bolivian highlands at 3,842 meters above sea level, it also spread to other areas of Bolivia and Peru, specifically on the banks of the Titicaca river.

The city of Tiwanaku appeared as a small city and little by little it evolved to a town of approximately 40,000 inhabitants.

We recommend the following basic implements:


  • Water.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Sun glasses.
  • Money in Bolivian Pesos.
  • Cap.
  • Light raincoat.
  • Umbrella, if you have space in your bag.
  • Bring identity document or Passport.


Tiahuanaco Culture Summary

tiwanaku empire map

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